When I was a kid, I was in Indian Guides with my dad.
Is this the same program?
Yes! We are the continuing evolution of the original “Indian Guides” and “Indian Princesses” program.

What are Princesses and Guides?
“Indian Guides” is a name that refers to the program in general. The girls in the program are often referred to as “Indian Princesses”.

I need to get vests for me and my daughter. Where do I get them?
The Patch Store is the official vest retailer of the Sequoia Nation Indian Guides. However, please check with your tribe chief before buying a vest or making one of your own. Each tribe has a specific color and fabric.

Where can I get a bead necklace?
Do the beads mean something?
The beaded necklace represents your progress in the Hay-Lush-Ka program. Every dad and daughter should receive a necklace starter kit (leather loop, purple bead, spacer bead) when they join the Sequoia Nation. As you continue through the program, you can earn more beads to add to your necklace. When you have earned all of the beads, you are considered Hay-Lush-Ka. You can learn more about this here.

My children are active in sports, and I have to travel for work.
How can I still be involved in this program?
Attendance is never “required” to participate in our program. We understand that you may have a busy schedule and need to travel for business.  To make participation easy, we usually sponsor 2 events held each month (one Tribe meeting and one Nation event) and dads and daughters can attend these events based on their schedule.

Can I join Indian Guides with my child even if we don’t know anyone else in our area?
You may register for the program on your own, with your friends, neighbors, classmates or colleagues. Each family will belong to a small group, which will allow you and your child to establish friendships as you participate together. Contact our Nation Chief to get started.

Who runs the program?
Our program is run entirely buy volunteer parents who feel strongly about our program. Our parent organization, the Algonquin Longhouse, provides support, training and resources for the volunteer leadership.

What is a Trailmate?
Trailmates are girls who are 10 and older in grades 5 and up. Trailmates are welcome to participate in all Nation activities like campouts and museum sleepovers. And the Algonquin Longhouse Trailmates program offers special events and activities that are designated as “Trailmates Only”. 

The Trailmates program is not organized into Tribes. There are no tribal meetings and no nation ceremonies within the Trails Program – only fun age-appropriate events. The Trailmates ride horses, go white water rafting, attend plays, play WhirleyBall, play paintball, try experimental cooking and many other activities.

Registered Algonquin Longhouse Members are encouraged to participate in an a la carte manner – enjoying the events that fit your schedule & seem interesting to you. Many of our members begin sampling the Trailmates events while they are still active in their Princess Nation.
Prior participation in the Indian Princesses program is not required.